Ikebana is a Japanese flower- art and is defined as a world full of beauty and refinement.


It is an active expression of art, which knows both traditional and modern implementation. Ikebana in its origin comes from Japan and has a tradition of many centuries.


The materials that are used come mainly from nature, which is a large source of inspiration for Ikebana arrangements.


Arrangements have been built up asymmetrically; empty spaces are essentially and are a component of an arrangement. It is strived for harmony between materials.  The vase or the scale, which is used, must form an entity with the space in which the arrangement is standing.


These principles already are effective since centuries.


Until today people are inspired by the game of lines or a single branch or flower. Ikebana is an exiting possibility for self-expression.


In 1927 Iemoto Sofu Teshigahara, with the knowledge of these traditional ikebana discipline, has established the Sogetsu School to fulfil the need for spatial art in Ikebana.


In Sogetsu ikebana you can express your creativity in the broadest sense. With the knowledge of the basis rules, which have been established by the school in Japan, this ikebana discipline offers a good possibility to create an arrangement or object out of materials from nature as well as out of non-conventional materials.


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